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EU-nationals have a right to vote in the local elections on March 16. Since you have that right, we should also inform you about what CDA stands for. Here it is. Also, check out the people on the list and a special page for students.

Family values
We believe that people are social beings. We are born in to a family, learn our language, values and culture from our parents and social environment. From that starting point, we develop our individuality. If this sounds natural to you, CDA is probably a party for you.

Social cohesion
Our values have a bearing on how we interpret the word ‘social’. For us, it means social cohesion, the shared reponsibility that people have for each other. No one lives for himself alone.

Responsible government
The government has an important role, to serve society. It uses the powers that it has to maintain order, provide public services and shield people that cannot take care of themselves.

Creative ideas for the climate
Climate change is a reality. But we think new policies are needed. Just aiming for net-zero in Amstelveen does not contribute to the global problem. Instead, Amstelveen should foster a business and social environment where new ideas can be tried out. This could be in developing new forms of insulation, new energy sources, electrification or the roll out of solar panels. We think this is an opportunity to invite people to set up something together. In the process, people will enjoy working together.

Want to contribute?
If you want to contribute, meet us, or share your ideas, please drop by at one of the ‘political cafes’ that we hold each last Friday of the month in P60 (Stadshart), from 16.00 to 18.00. Or drop us an e-mail (see under Contact).


The complete CDA list for the 2022 elections is as follows:
1. Arjen Siegmann
2. Sandra van Engelen
3. Bert Rouwenhorst
4. Dick Aanen
5. John van Scheijndel
6. Job Siegmann
7. Timothy Doekhie
8. Amandhalia Varenhorst – Nasserie
9. Klaas van Gelderen
10. Trudie Aanen
11. Albert van Blaaderen
12. Kees Slump
13. Ynse Jongmans
14. Gerard Hulsman
15. Pier Rienks
16. Nadjehda Richardson
17. Jos Groot
18. Jan Willem Groot

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